• Stool Study Aluminum - Ssang Mini
  • Stool Study Aluminum - Ssang Mini
  • Stool Study Aluminum - Ssang Mini

Stool Study Aluminum - Ssang Mini

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Ssang is a word for pair. It represents the idea of two things that inevitably, are linked as one.

It is the constant push and pull of two diametrically opposed forces that create balance, the ebb and flow, yin and yang, the light and dark side of the force. There cannot exist one without the other.

A classic utilitarian object reimagined through the material of aluminum, two pairs of laser-cut & formed pieces of aluminum are mirrored to each other make up the interlocking construction of the stool and in doing so create this delicate balance between function and form.

Ssang mini is a modern interpretation of a bath stool, sometimes called the "kimchi" stool, and has served many different functions in and around our Korean household.

    • Batch 001 - Individually numbered
    • All stools come will come pre-assembled
    • Made of Raw Aluminum finished with Wax Protective sealant
    • Please allow 3-5 days for completion of an order
    • Special finishes available upon request
    • Trade discount available: Architects, Commercial and Interior designers, and developers please reach out here to apply

    • L13" x W12" x H10" 

    • International Shipping is available upon request